Backroads in Oregon

What's it all about?

My daughter, the motorcycle mechanic, takes the Big Leap in August. She's getting married. That is the primary impetus of returning to Oregon after being gone for ten years. Of course, it's really a justifiable excuse for Going Home. Oregon and Maine are two of my favorite Homes; places I lived for long duration that became a formative part of me. So, Todo, we're going Home.

I have three weeks off from work, a break away from academia, cities, consumer values ("Knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing" -Oscar Wilde), the heat and humidity,  city sounds and stink, tailgating idiots in a hurry to die........ I'm going Home. Loading two little bikes into the back of a truck and driving like mad to cover 2100 miles. I get to spend time with my daughter and visit friends. After the wedding and a visit to my old stomping grounds in Corvallis, the bikes go back into the truck and we drive east.

This time, however, we'll head into Wonderland: the Cascades and the Oregon back country. Tall trees, mountains, glaciers, deserts and sand. I can almost smell and taste it. All I can hear is the wind and the sound of my DR. I like it that way.