Backroads in Oregon

Maps and Guides

Oregon Road and Recreation Atlas

Several maps and books served as informative and valuable resources to help choose locations to visit and build routes to ride. The first and foremost is the Oregon Road and Atlas (Benchmark Map series). Even the forest and BLM roads are marked, but you might find handy a small magnifying glass to see the numbers.

Oregon Byways: 75 Scenic drives.

A very enjoyable read and helpful guide is Oregon Byways, by Art Bernstein. The book covers 75 scenic drives throughout Oregon that he has personally scouted and driven. A large cluster of those drives is in southeast OR, the author's personal favorite region for hiking and exploring. Although only a few are located in the area we will be riding, I read the entire book because of Bernstein's personal comments, wit, and detailed observations. The detail provided was unsurpassed by any other book I found, and his writing is delightful to read as he inject anecdotes and puns based on his own experience in the back country. I highly recommend this book to anyone planning a drive or ride in the Oregon back country.
Backroads of Oregon: Your Guide to Oregon's Most Scenic Backroad Adventures

This book by George & Rhonda Ostertag is full of very nice and appealing photographs. But as a guide book, it is not. No maps (even free-hand drawn), no details, no comments on road conditions. It serves only as a book to flip through and point out places one might want to go see for one's self. On the other hand, that hairpin turn on the cover looks mighty enticing.

National Forest Maps

By far, the most useful maps for specific national forests and parks are those produced by the associated agency. I ordered three forest maps from Discover Your    for the Fremont, Ochoco and Maluer National Forests. Although they are often not current (e.g. 2000), they provide general and detailed info on campsites, forest roads, topographical details for summits, lake, river and creek names, etc. Don't go on their roads without them.
It's also helpful to check the websites for each forest for closed roads, construction and hunting dates.