Backroads in Oregon
It's time to think about prepping the Bad Boy. It needs a bit of work: new carb jets, side stand shortened, modify the seat a bit, set up the side bags,..... I'm sure I'm forgetting more. Time to get cracking.
The map book arrived Friday and it occupied my lunch and hours on the commuter train. Sunday we watched (for the umpteenth time) "Get Lost: Oregon", a movie about eight riders on the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Trail. They rode from OR/CA border to OR/WA border (Route 5). We won't have time to do that in its entirety, but the former plan has now been altered to include part of Route 5.

As we watched the video, I had the map on my lap. We paused the video a few times so I could locate several points on the actual map.

This is going to be way fun.
*The* (TM) Big Map Book arrives in a day or two. What is it that feeds anticipation for a trip than maps? It's like journeying with the mind and fingers.

Life gets in the way. All the time these days.
The last few weeks have been a major culling event at home: getting rid of 'stuff.' One simple rule: if it hasn't been touched in the last year, out it goes. Big combined Moving/Garage/House Sale this weekend. This will partially fund upgrades and accessories for the DR350 and gas money for travel on the trip.

Which means I can buy sidebags soon!!!  Whoop!
I ordered from Amazon the Oregon Recreational Atlas. That should feed the hungry map eater inside.
We can start to map route candidates soon.
"It's only just begun......" is not just a song. It's real. Here we are several months out and I'm already planning. Planning for planning. Redundant, isn't it? Well, much in life is redundant.

So the journey begins, even if I'm not physically on the road yet, my mind is. Follow us as we prepare for the trip to Oregon this fall.