Backroads in Oregon
A new Heinz 52-weeks variety of your favorite condiment. But it does not substitute as a vegetable.
I'm still trying to catch up on returning to life back here in Texas. My five acres is a jungle of grass which I can't even mow; it's too tall. Water has been restored to the house and all the 7+ gigs of  photos are now downloaded and backed up. I even experimented in making a short video from a clip off the pocket-sized Zi8 Kodak. But now the daunting task of sorting and culling through all those photos and vids seems overwhelming. And it is now painfully clear that my MacBookPro hard drive is seriously inadequate for the task. One thing always leads to another.. and another... and.....

At least the temperature has cooled here; leaving the windows open at night is refreshing. It is a poor substitute for camping in the mountains, but it will do for now. My head keeps returning to various places and  people that we experienced in Oregon. I'm caught in between.

A piece of paper near my desk reports the Countdown and serves as encouragement daily.

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