Backroads in Oregon

To Oregon or Bust!

What follows in these several webpages is a brief journal of traveling on the road from Texas to Oregon. The goal was to arrive in Albany, OR, by Friday afternoon after leaving the Dallas/Fort Worth area after a day of work. It should have been pretty straight forward, but we had a few adventures along the way. In fact, it could have been a bust. But we made it after all. And we now know what areas to avoid the next time we go.

These pages includes selected photos; additional ones can be found in the respective group in the Photo Galleria section. Remember, this is an ongoing endeavor and time constraints limit the rate at which all the stories and photos are uploaded. The many gigabytes of photos and video clips are a glacier and I haven't even make a spoonful in the tip of that iceburg. But patience may  be rewarded as the journey continues.

I hope you enjoy and readers are encouraged to drop a line or mention in the Forum section.