Backroads in Oregon

Where are we?

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Can we get there from here?

An old cliche from Maine; "Ya can't get theyah from heyah!"
But this time, I think we can get there. To Oregon, that is. We have Route Plan A, B and C. Mitigating factors are weather and time. We'll see which one we take.

Mapping in Real Time.

Hopefully, this will be a real-time map with current locations.

Proposed Routes

I moved the previous route maps to their separate days. Keep in mind (I keep reminding myself, too) that these are only draft routes. There's always room for flexibility as long as the routes do not become too long.

  1. Day 1: Prineville to Crater Lake. Camping overnight on the rim somewhere.
  2. Day 2: To Chiloquin for gas before riding into the Great Unknown national forests (Winema and Fremont). My earlier attempts to make Christmas Valley from Crater Lake via Lake Summer were too long in distance; we would run out of fuel. So I amended it with two stops at the beginning and end of ~110 miles: Chiloquin and Paisley. 
  3. Day 3: Paisley, up on Winter Rim, to Fort Rock. If time permits, we'll move on to Christmas Valley area.
  4. Day 4: Fort Rock to Christmas Valley. Includes Crack in the Ground, Sand Dunes and Lost Forest. If we make it to Lost Forest, we may camp there. We may spend more than one day in this area. Lost Forest to Burns for gas. After that, south to Steen Mnts.!
  5. Day 5: Steens Mountains area! I'd like to camp up there and explore for a day. Possibly make it to the Riddle Brothers Ranch.
  6. Day 6: Diamond Craters Loop and a stay in a real bed with shower at the Diamond Hotel. 
  7. Day 7:Up to Malheur National Forest, then west to John Day Fossil Beds area via the scenic road along the North Fork of the John Day River. 
  8. Day 8: Or Day 9: Who knows at this point? This map: Seneca area to Dayville and John Day Fossil Beds area.
  9. Day 9-12: At this point, I can't say which day(s) the next routes will fall on. This page contains three maps with a few options for riding from John Day Fossil Beds and wandering back to Prineville.