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DR350: Bad Boy

My steed is a '96 DR350SE. It's my new boyfriend. He's very naughty.


Ed's bike. It is a 250cc on steroids.
Ed was inspired to start his own website related to the WR. It can be accessed by following this link.

DR350 Modifications and Preps

July 17, 2010
1. Ortlieb Roll-top Dry Bags. They just arrived. I've been lusting after these for a year. Will have to weld a support rack for the right side bag to keep it off the exhaust and also support the plastic underneath the front of the bag (from the exhaust).
2. Shortened the side stand. The bike stands too upright because the bike is lowered by 3/4". It is prone to falling over, sometimes with me on it. Ed sawed off 3/4" and welded the foot back on.
3. Ah, the love/hate relationship of a Mikuni pumper carburetor. They seem to be susceptible to fouling up if they sit for any time. It's like a racehorse that needs routine exercise to be fluid and strong. It was cleaned the other night, but I'm thinking an extra jet or two might be worthwhile to carry along the trip. Test ride is Sunday morning.
4. The weeping fork seal was removed and turned over. It started weeping right after the forks were cleaned. Ed suspected the seal was re-installed upside down. We will keep a close eye on that for reappearance of oil seepage.
Will take a few photos after the bags are installed.
5. Need to modify the seat again. My recovering pelvis bones ached after two hours. Stay tuned.

How to find a comfy seat 
July   21

A short ride on the DR one cool morning made me realize I need to do something with the seat. Before I could modify the seat, a support for the right side bag had to be fashioned. Otherwise, the exhaust would burn the bag.

Friend Bill offered his welding skills. He bended a bar and welded it onto the rear rack already in place. The support also keeps the bag from pressing the rear of the plastic panel onto the exhaust.

Now that the bags were in place, the seat issue could be better evaluated. When the seat foam was shaved down last year, I left a ridge 3/4 towards the back. I learned later that this would be exactly where my butt bones sat when riding at cruising speed (pavement or straight gravel). I slide forward when navigating corners and stopping; slide back when on loose gravel and sand. But the ridge proved uncomfortable with relaxed riding.

After a six month restriction from riding due to a broken pelvis, the ridge proved painful. So that was the first thing to do: shave down that ridge,  smooth it into the end of the seat, and re-staple the covering.

Seat Sling
August 8

Made a sling out of heavy canvas that drapes over the rear of the seat. Has two pockets on both sides for 1 liter bottles filled with water or gas. Both pockets have shock cord in a casing to draw close the tops. The center sleeve is open at the top for maps.