Backroads in Oregon

Day 9-12. John Day Fossil Beds, Ochoco National Forest

A place I've wanted to visit John Day area since I was a teenager. We will only be visiting the eastern unit: Sheeprock area.

Ochoco National Forest.

Here, we have a couple of options depending on time, energy, and forest road/trail status. I expect we may camp somewhere in the forest. I have to candidate routes. If the Green Mountain Trail (Trail 831) towards the east is open and not too gnarly, and if we have enough time, we will ride that. It is a single track trail that hugs ridges near Green Mountain. I love single track, so I hope that works out. If not, the alternate is south through the forest and picking up what appears to be an awesome windy twisting gravel road that intersects Hwy 26 near Prineville.

This will be our last day out in the outback.