Backroads in Oregon
We slid back into a reality that is in between what we left three weeks ago, and what we spent two weeks riding through on our little ponies. Arrived in Prineville earlier today.......... I've lost track of time and days Sun was about mid-point in the sky.

It took us 4.5 hours to ride 93 miles. Why? Because we rode up to 6K feet and down, through forests of trees with thick bark scales of which all the snakes would be jealous, sat on the bikes with engines off watching antelopes play, argued with a big black bull (brangusbuffalelk -cross between an Angus/buffalo/elk ), gazed longingly at the prairies on the summit, zigzagged playfully on the moist dust-free gravel and, well, wished we didn't have to go any further.

I have to say, however, that tonight's dinner in Prineville was scrumptious.

Met many people on the road and in campsites, many we hope to see again. Special thanks to Greg from High Desert Adventures for route suggestions and helping us safely harbor the truck and poop-up (not a typo) camper for the time we were gone.

I have over 4GB of photos and almost 12GB of video to download, sort and upload before I start a travelogue. So it will be awhile before anything appears online. Tomorrow we begin the journey back to TX, starting with the Painted Hills near Mitchell.

AND...... we'll be back next year. The kids postponed the wedding due to unforeseen circumstances. And if they wait until after Sept. 1 next year, we won't have a deadline to return to TX! (retirement!!!)

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