Back in the Saddle - Backroads in Oregon
Backroads in Oregon
Three little bikes went for a meandering ride in the cool of the morning last Sunday. First time in six months I've ridden. It went well. Excepting the seat. After an hour on the seat, my butt began to ache. Specifically, both sides of the sacrum which were fractured last February. So I need to further modify the seat.
1. Shave down the steep shelf ridge near the back. It is right where I usually sit for cruising rides. Very ouchy.
2. Extend the width of the seat, 1/2 - 2/3rds back. The nose will remain narrow so I can scoot forward and put a foot down when stopping.
3. Remove another 1/2" on the overall height of the seat and overlay a 1/2" of medical foam for a bit softer cushioning.

The former fork seepage has been resolved and the carb seems fine (for now). I hope it stays that way.
The most difficult part of returning to riding is getting on and off the bike. I can't just swing a leg over haphazardly. And my ab muscles REALLY need re-educating! Lots of crunches coming up!

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